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  • You can reserve your score and set of parts as early as you like.
  • You will be invoiced about nine weeks prior to your performance date.
  • I prefer orders placed well in advance. We try to accommodate late requests (all have been met so far!).
  • The music will be with you at least six weeks before your performance date.
  • Please post the music back promptly after your performance.

Payment: This can be done by cheque, BACS (online) or by PayPal. Details will be sent on the invoice how to do this. Please make cheques payable to Rob Rogers.

Please phone or post your order to:

Post:     Rob Rogers, Mill Farm Cottage, Bedfield, Suffolk, IP13 7JH, United Kingdom
Tel:        +44 (0) 1728 628203
Email:   rob.rogers46@btinternet.com


Original Latin Text

Score Price + Postage       £150   +   £15   =   £165

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