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Popular Choral Works with Reduced Scoring in the Orchestral Parts

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Returning Hired Scores

Please return the scores as soon as possible after your performance/s.

There is no need to return your conductor's score.

Refunds for conductor's scores in mint condition.

If you return the conductor's score in the same condition as you received it then I offer

The returned conductor's score needs to be in near perfect condition, ready for the next user.

Pencil markings should be erased before returning the orchestral parts but bowings in the string parts may be left in. It is essential that any cuts or strike outs should be erased (please) otherwise an additional fee might be sought.

Postal and Courier Services.

You are free to choose how you return the hired music after your perfromance.

After recent postal price price rises in UK, you are likely to get a better deal using a courier service.

You can book and pay for this on line and they will collect the package from your home.

I have used Interparcel as they are able to offer competitive quotes from several reputable companies and their web site is user friendly.

Click on this logo to check out their website and prices.    Interparcel Logo